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    Myanmar and AngkorWat ( Cambodia )


    Once a military controlled state of Burma, now known as Myanmar, is the fastest growing destination in the South East Asia region. Tourists are visiting the country like never before to visit  the magnificent temples of Bagan, the floating villages of Inle Lake, the monasteries of Mandalay, and Yangon, the former capital, with its colonial relics and towering pagodas. The combination of Buddhist Myanmar with Cambodia’s large Hindu temple complex of Angkor Wat brings out the best of ancient civilizations. Bangkok, the Thai capital city acts as the gateway to this region gives you the opportunity of visiting this historic city.


    Day 1 - Transit via Bangkok to Mandalay,

    Day  2 – 3 Mandalay,

    Day  4 -5 Bagan,

    Day  6 -7 Inle Lake,

    Day  7 – 9 Yangon ( Rangoon),

    Day 9 – 12  Arrive and sightseeing of Angkok Wat in Siam Reap,  

    Day13 – 14 At Bangkok