• The Northern Lights

    Four Seasons Vacations believes in customising your travel.

    Photos cannot do justice!  To experience the most unique natural phenomena one has to be there to experience these Celestial lights swirling, darting and flickering. With just a few inhabited places in the Arctic circle home to these spectacles we offer Once in a Lifetime trip to see them – and we guarantee a lifetime of memories. 

    Northern Lights Snowmobile safari 


    Memories of a Lifetime! Fly to Finland and travel to the town of Rovaneimi in the Arctic circle.  Your week-long tour includes ice fishing, Husky sledging, skiing, and of course snowmobiling across the Arctic expanse. To top it off at the end of it, you also get a certificate for the Arctic crossing! 


    Day 1    Fly to Helsinki 
    Day 2    Helsinki 
    Day 3    Flight to the Arctic circle – look for the lights in the night. 
    Day 4    Snowshoe trip and track wildlife. A traditional Sauna before dinner 
    Day 5    Learn cross country skiing this day, sauna and dinner before venturing out for finding the dancing lights 
    Day 6    Visit the Santa Claus village on a Husky sledge. Get the certificate certifying that you crossed the arctic circle. Good chances of seeing the lights. 
    Day 7    Day for snowmobile driving and ice fishing. 
    Day 8    Day at leisure or try another hand at Snowmobile driving. Last evening to match your steps with the dancing lights. 
    Day 9    Fly back to Helsinki and connect onwards 


    Cruise the Arctic


    Another great way to experience these “heavenly lights” in luxury is to take a cruise of the Arctic circle and visit Tromso – home of the lights. This Arctic adventure of a lifetime includes the unique experience of a night in the Kirkenes Snow Hotel, offering magnificent suites containing art made from snow and ice.