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    India is blessed with some of the most exciting areas for trekking. The Himalayas of course is home to some of the well-known mapped treks, but there are so many other beautiful small ranges across the country like the Ghats, the Nilgiris, the Coorg and in the North East. Broadly one can divide the trekking areas into the Central Himalayas with its snow line, the Hills of South India with thick forests and tea and coffee plantations, the Western Ghats with short mist covered - yet very scenic - hills of Mahabaleshwar and the Garo & Khasi inhabited North-eastern Hills.


    The most defining feature of the treks is the availability of luxury camping (or as some call – glamping) in most areas. Travellers from overseas visiting India are happy to contribute directly to eco-tourism. The joy of trekking into high altitudes is doubled when the burdens of your own baggage is taken over by ponies and walking into your all-ready private camp for a steaming hot cuppa and a three-course meal. So what should we call it - glam trekking !!! 


    Some excellent areas for trekking 


    -    Treks from Manali area 
    -    Shorts treks in the Sangla Valley of Himachal Pradesh 
    -    High altitude treks in Kashmir 
    -    Valley of Flowers area in the Garhwal Hills
    -    Coorg and rain forests of western Karnataka and Kerala 
    -    Sahayadrai ranges of Maharashtra 
    -    The Orchid & Rhododendron treks of West Bengal & Sikkim